Food Service

Falcon Professional General Trading (FPGT) is a leading specialty food importer and distributor sourcing the highest quality gourmet products & professional specialty equipment and distributes to selected retailers and food service operators throughout the region.

At FPGT, we strive for exceptional service and excellence in brand management. We take pride in sourcing the finest products from the best producers, using the finest ingredients and quality standards.

FPGT provides premium compatible equipment for the food service brands; such as Carpigiani, Irinox, Nuova Simonelli among others.

Caffè Diemme

Caffè Diemme is history, passion for quality, serious customer relations, experience and professionalism acquired over many years. It is also high specialisation in the HO.RE.CA sector, preserving high quality standards, product research, training, advisory service, flexibility, customer support with dedicated marketing activities. Every day they put all our passion into our work to satisfy customers’ expectations, as they want to have strong cooperative relations with customer’s to develop their businesses together.


Fabbri offers a wide range of ingredients, bases, concentrated pastes and fillings for Gelato and confectionary. The secret of Fabbri’s success is to be found in the large variety of high-quality products it offers; these are guaranteed by an excellent level of hygiene at every production stage. Fabbri products offer gelato makers, pastry chefs, restaurateurs, owners of bars and public establishments of all kinds, the best solutions to give shape to their creativity.

Guiliano Tartufi

Guiliano Tartufi is the heir of a gastronomic heritage handed down generation from generation, and the result of wise artisan processing methods for fresh truffles. Today GIULIANO TARTUFI with its wide range of products, is capable of making the valid expression of this tradition known to everyone.


Its range of products can be divided into three sectors: Pastry, Bakery and Pizza. For each sector Italmill Natural Sourdough (Italian “Pasta madre”), flours and mixes which it sells alongside the brands Besozzi Oro, Bontà mix and Farine del Gusto. In addition to this, it produces the extraordinary range of Nostrano products.

Nuova Crem

In partnership with Italmill, Nuova Crem produced in the factory one of the finest chocolate manufacturers