A market leader
in the field of commercial
hospitality equipment

Falcon Professional Kitchen is the leading commercial kitchen manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, offering a Turnkey kitchen solution for projects of any scale to meet the complete industry needs in the UAE and the GCC region.

We provide the HORECA Industry with a complete solution and a one stop shop for customized stainless steel fabrication, supply of commercial kitchen equipment & parts, uppermost quality service and maintenance programs.

We are distinctive by our professionalism, highly innovative and successful in providing great value service to our customers, whether measured by price, performance, or quality.

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We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive solution to all our clients, and offering a variety of services to meet any and all of their needs.

Project Management

Ensuring optimal planning at the preliminary stages of any project to deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective solution as per each client’s project needs.

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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Providing custom stainless steel fabrications in-house allows us to provide flexibility on production quantity and specification, with well-defined product planning and a smooth implementation for innovative kitchen solutions.

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Kitchen Equipment Distribution

Our portfolio features the leading brands of all categories of kitchen equipment to guarantee the highest level of expertise, quality, and credibility.

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Installation & Training

Our installation teams are well trained to provide proper assistance to the clients by understanding their requirements and installing the equipment ensuring it operates efficiently from the start.

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Service Request

Service help desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call and urgent requirements.

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Food Service

Falcon Professional General Trading (FPGT) is a leading specialty food importer and distributor, sourcing the highest quality.

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Want to know what clients are saying about us?

Faysal Younes - Owner Black Coffee by Café Younes

“ They treat you more like a partner by trying first to understand your company’s needs and then advise you on the best courses of actions. They have one of the most competitive prices in the UAE, leading kitchen equipment brands, and above all the right people in place”

Dany Abou Aoun ENOC

“We developed a great partnership with Falcon Kitchen over the past 7 years. Their dedication toward our restaurants network growth is a strong evidence. Falcon Kitchen is a trusted company by clients and kitchen equipment industry experts alike”

Abdullah Al Lootah Owner of Global Hospitality

“I have been a client of Falcon Professional Kitchen for 8 years and long may this partnership continue. They have excelled in servicing all of my Food and Beverage related matters. I am confident that my business will grow hand in hand with Falcon.”

Pam Manager at Bonjour Bonsoir café

“Something I really appreciate about Falcon Professional Kitchen is when it comes to their services it is always on time […]. All their work is absolutely organised, with friendly and approachable staff. Thanks!”

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