Food Service

Falcon Professional General Trading (FPGT) is a leading specialty food importer and distributor sourcing the highest quality gourmet products & professional specialty equipment and distributes to selected retailers and food service operators throughout the region.

At FPGT, we strive for exceptional service and excellence in brand management. We take pride in sourcing the finest products from the best producers, using the finest ingredients and quality standards.

FPGT supplies premium compatible equipment and accessories for many of our brands.

Caffè Diemme have been in the coffee roasting market since 1927 and are one of the historical Italian coffee roasting brands.Their name is synonymous with history, passion for quality, serious customer relations, experience and professionalism acquired over many years. It is also high specialisation in the HO.RE.CA sector, preserving high quality standards, product research, training, advisory service, flexibility, customer support with dedicated marketing activities. Every day they put all their passion into our work to satisfy customers’ expectations, as they want to have strong cooperative relations with customers to develop their businesses together.

Italmill S.p.A. has 109 years of experience in the bakery and semi-finished products. The product range is divided into three sectors: pastry, bakery, and pizzeria. The Natural Sourdough unites all three sectors.

Italmill is an ultra-technological company that, thanks to its centenary experience in the bakery sphere and at the same time to modern production methods, combines tradition and new technologies to get the best results in the world of bakery. The strong research and development team, along with field technicians, is continuously working on new products to meet the needs of the market.

Backed by the Metropolitan Luxury Tea Group, METZ is a luxury hospitality solution for hotels + resorts, cafés, restaurants and OCS. Metropolitan’s ties to the tea industry date back to the 1980’s, and during the intervening time, the company has fostered relationships with the world’s best tea and herb growers in more than 31 countries.

In addition to being a manufacturing company, Metropolitan Luxury Tea Group only buys at seasonal crop peaks and does significant additional raw material refining to ensure that its quality is always in the top 5% of global luxury standards. As a further step, all raw materials are held in vacuum giving consistent peak flavour profiles all the time.

The great classics and trendy syrups and fruit concentrates for mixing the most flavourful drinks: a truly wide range of products that stands out for its quality.

We carry some of DISTILLATI GROUP’s IL DOGE and DREAMY syrups and fruit concentrates for use in coffees, milkshakes, smoothies and more.

For more than 50 years Lauretana has been bottling mineral water, an essential necessity for people survival. The first bottling plant was built not far from the source at about 850 meters above sea level and the bottling activity started in 1965

A route composed by several goals has transformed Lauretana from a local reality to a successful brand in the food& beverage international panorama.

The exceptionality of Lauretana water stands in its only 14 milligrams per litre of fixed residue, which make it the lightest water in Europe.


Comprital spa was founded in Milano in 1985. Since the very beginning it based its business on the development and production of gelato ingredients in powder and paste form for gelato artisans, soft serve and pastry meeting the demand for innovative proposals. It has been the pioneer in many new trends like the all-natural gelato, the vegan gelato, and the high protein gelato between other. The Speedy line was the precursor of a trend followed by all companies in the gelato/soft serve market. It exports more than 70% of the total volume produced in Milano in more than 70 countries.

In 2016 new production facilities have been established in Poland and China to cover worldwide demand.


Falcon Professional General Trading also sells accessories complimentary to the equipment provided by Falcon Professional Kitchen, among those are brands such as Hariot, Yama, Hovicon and Poloplast.